About Me!

Welcome to the Creation of An Inspiration


Writing has always been a way of exhaling, a way of allowing my soul to quietly breath. There were moments I hesitated to share and others I dared not to. However; when I learned my worth and realized I was created to be more then a silhouette in some background, I decided to create a blog and share all of those intimate thoughts I dared one day not share.

Before knowing my worth, I was a single mother full of fear and doubts, unemployed and financially struggling, becoming comfortable in a lifestyle that I was never meant to be in. But then, I encountered an intimate moment that would forever change my life, a moment in which I realized that I didn’t have to settle for living in a state of acceptance of an ordinary life, when I was meant to live an extraordinary one.

My days of struggle didn’t break me down, it made me the woman I am today besides had I been in a happy marriage and been financially stable I would have had never been to the point that brought me to my knees, but not allowing life to break me down was not the hard part, life itself was.

Today I enjoy the Grace of God. Today I am embracing His Greatness through my relationship with Him and living each day while leaving tomorrow in His hands. Trials and tribulations are not easy episodes of life to walk through, but knowing that I have God walking beside me to encourage me, guide me, and even pick me up when I stumbled and fall; is what makes my walk easy to bare.


As I mature in His Word I’ve learned many things and one of the most important lessons have been that no matter how strong the wind, electrifying the lightening or how much rain pours, the sun will eventually come out, as brilliant and warm as on any summer day. I’ve learned to appreciate the rain knowing the sun will shine again. I have no fear of being lost because He found me, nor do I fear loneliness, because in my darkest time, His presence lit the way to a new place and no longer do I fear being broken, because He has healed me making me stronger, wiser and more desiring of Him.

Nothing in this world can replace the joy that I now have in my heart. Although at times I wish for my husband I know God’s timing is not mine, when He delivers it will be a Godly man, one who will lead me closer to Him. No amount of money nor material thing can replicate what I have found in God. I look back and miss nothing of my yester-years, although I sometimes wish I could turn back time to make a few changes, I am glad it happened the way it did, because had I not gone through what I did, I wouldn’t stand with this conviction in my heart that allows me to live free from all of that which kept me from Jesus Christ.

Had you asked me before to tell you anything about me, there wouldn’t be much to say, just that I am a single mother with seven unpublished short stories tucked in a box in the back of my closet. Today I realize I have a story to tell just needed to find a punch line and the willingness to share, and I found both.