That is You
As the very dust that created my being, that is You..
as the light in and heavens and the smoothness of the ocean, that is you
and, as pure as the love you’ve preached with a single word,
That is you.

You my creator,
the one who secures my tomorrow.
The one whose lifted me from all my guilt;
and who with His pureness has allowed me to
hear the calmness of our voice within myself.
That is all you.

I ask you to release me from the
tainted insecurity and fears that have haunted me
free me from myself and
break from my skin; that which keeps me from you.

Met A Stranger
On June 26, 2006 I met a stranger.
I have been blessed since then with His presence.
The day I met this stranger,
I became weak at my knees and feel to the ground I was overcome by His authority
so I handed over all of me, bills and all.
I honestly thought to myself,
What on earth am I doing carrying all this crap
when there is a total stranger willing to bear all my troubles.

Hello I’d be dumb not to,
He is more than a provider.
He promised to take care of me and I will lack nothing.
Knowing not even His father to this stranger I gave all of me,
so he could take care of me.
Now isn’t that what we all want, someone to take care of us?
Let me go further…

This stranger, I meet in my darkest days.
He held me within his arms
without asking for my body, but instead my heart.
I never seen Him in the light, yet he constantly follows me and it doesn’t annoy me at all,
while lifting me from the dark.
He has accepted me as I am, the bad and the ugly.
He has even promised me a complete make-over.

He is willing to give me time… he is not pressuring me into a relationship.
However; He’s made it clear… that He is a jealous man and I must love only Him.
He doesn’t judge me, instead…
every night He takes me in his arms and reminds me
of how much He loves me
He has accepted, regardless of my situation.
We pray together every night and speak every day.
He has warns me that many people would hate me for this bond I have with Him,
but to not worry because He is my warrior.

Since June 26, 2006 I have no need to hide,
no need to be ashamed. So I must say to everyone who reads this…
I am not perfect and He loves me this way.
In time you will be able to see him through me.
You know what they say, “After a while a duo begin to resemble each other.”
I apologize to all I cause offense to.

Yet I will admit this is one person I am willing to leave anyone for.
I will go away from anyone who is offended by His presence in my life.
However, if you’d like I am willing to share Him with you.
I am pretty sure for Him is would be an honor.
Want to find His? Easy close your eyes and open your heart… beautiful isn’t He?
His name is Jesus Christ.

Molding Me
At times I’ve felt unhappy.
But in reality, in my life there have been many wonderful days to remember.
God has granted me,
Quiet moments. Lonesome moments.
Unforgettable moments and I wish I could forget moments.
However, He has never granted me an instant,
I wish I hadn’t lived.
My first love… oh what a memory.
Unforgettable indeed.

A chapter in my life
Captives by what I consider scared in my heart.
The conceiving of my daughters.
Beautiful in the making.
Painful in the bearing.
Yet, surprisingly amazing in every milestone they reach.
I’ve stumbled. And been lifted up.
I’ve cried. And You’ve healed me.
Nevertheless, all my experiences
Lived by either ignorance or stubbornness
Have made me the woman I am today.

I lay to rest at night,
And I say to you God…
“If I ever seem ungrateful to you
Forgive me, for I am naïve.”
Have I not realized that ever moment in my life
Has been exclusively created by my decisions?
In reality, in my life
There are too many lovely memories
Ones to be grateful for. Others why regret?

For those memories continue to mold me.
Thank you, God for all my days
the good and bad ones for they lead me to you
and today allow me to appreciate you even more.